Translating and Commercialising Genomic Research

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  • Location: Wellcome Genome Campus, Cambridge
  • Dates: Wednesday 7th December to Friday 9th December 2016

The opportunities presented by genomics and biodata are significant, but how to realise their healthcare impact and commercial value remain challenging to evaluate and navigate. This new course aims to equip professionals involved in translation of early stage technologies (business development, analyst, tech transfer, entrepreneurial academic,…) with a better understanding of the specific opportunities arising from genomics and biodata.

This high-content residential course will be interactive and delivered by senior EU & US entrepreneurs, investors and professionals all actively involved in the field. Speakers will use case-studies to explore business models emerging from the genomic revolution and include:

Phil Stephens (CSO Foundation Medicine, USA)

Melina Cimler (Adaptive Biotech, USA;Previously Illumina Senior VP Regulatory)

Davina Gale (Founder, Inivata, UK)

Trevor Heritage (VP & Chief Strategy Officer, Appistry, USA)

Angus Lauder (Associate Director Business Management, Cancer Research Technology, UK)

Wouter Meuleman (Director, Illumina Ventures, USA)

Frank Schacherer (VP Discovery Genomics, QIAGEN Bioinformatics; Biobase founder)

Tom Weaver (CEO, Congenica, UK)


The course will focus on the specific knowledge required to translate and commercialise genomics research, such as the types of IP, how to navigate open source software licenses that are endemic to the genomics field or the use and sharing of human genetic data for innovation.

This is a fast moving field and key topical points will be addressed, including an update on the evolving regulatory environment for precision medicine diagnostics, as described by Melina Cimler a US regulatory expert whose team obtained the first ever FDA approval for a clinical NGS-based test.

There will also be keynote talk by Phil Stephens from Foundation Medicine, a trailblazing company in the field, which went from company formation to over a $1bn acquisition in less than five years.

The course is a combination of lectures, open discussion and case studies guided by the speakers. Places for the course are limited to facilitate discussion and networking. The course is being significantly subsidised by the Wellcome Genome Campus, but a few bursaries have still been made available.

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