Speaker Information

Please find below the biographies of all speakers who will be presenting during the PLG & OTCToolbox ‘Business Development and Innovation Opportunities in Consumer Healthcare / OTC’ event

Roberto Funari Photo

Roberto Funari

Executive Vice-President, Category Marketing


Roberto Funari is Executive Vice President, Category Marketing at RB, and a member of the company’s Executive Committee. Roberto rejoined RB in February 2013 following two years at Imperial Tobacco where he was Group Marketing Director and Executive Committee member. In his prior 12-year career with RB, Roberto rose rapidly through the organisation, holding increasingly senior marketing and general management roles in both emerging and developed markets, including Brazil, the Netherlands, South Africa and Central Europe. His last role was as Global Category Officer for fabric and home care.

Andy Tisman Photo

Andy Tisman

Global Senior Principal, Consumer Health

IMS Health

Andy Tisman is Global Senior Partner, Consumer Health at IMS Health. Andy joined IMS in 2005 with a strong industry and consulting background. Prior to joining IMS, Andy spent seven years as Managing Consultant for a healthcare focused strategic marketing consultancy, and also gained extensive marketing/marketing management experience during more than 15 years at SmithKline Beechma. His areas of expertise include strategy development at the global, regional and local level; commercial effectiveness; market entry/brand launch; prescription-to-OTC switch; and pharmerging markets.

Jonathan Hague Photo

Jonathan Hague

Vice-President Open Innovation


Jonathan Hague took the position of Vice President Open Innovation for Unilever R&D in 2008. This role pioneers new ways to create value in partnership for Unilever and its partners. During his tenure, Jon and his team have created unique partnership capabilities across strategic suppliers, industrial partners and academia across the world. Jon joined Unilever in 1990. He holds a first degree in Materials Science and a PhD in Polymer Ion Complexes from the University of Sheffield in the UK.

Dorothe Kloepf Photo

Dorothee Kloepf

Senior Manager Regulatory Affairs


Dorothee Kloepf is Senior Manager Regulatory Affairs at Diapharm. Before joining Diapharm in 2004, Dorothee was Regulatory Scientist at GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare in Germany. Dorothee’s areas of expertise include regulatory, conceptual consultancy for medicines, medical devices, food products, cosmeceuticals and other health products. She also provides regulatory support for marketing authorisation procedures, project management for product development, performance of portfolio analyses, and strategic consultancy.

Annemarie Dengler Photo

Annemarie Dengler

Director Business Development

red otc development

Annemarie Dengler is Director Business Development at red otc development. Before joining red otc development in 2012, Annemarie was with Diapharm from 2006-2012. At red otc development, Annemarie works on development of innovative OTC products, licensing models for OTC products and international registration procedure strategies. She also looks at market analysis, portfolio analysis and definition of brand line extensions.

Deborah Wilkes Photo

Deborah Wilkes

Founder and Editor & Publisher


Deborah Wilkes is the Founder and Editor & Publisher of the OTCToolbox website, which provides ideas, intelligence and analysis for people involved in consumer healthcare business development worldwide. OTCToolbox has recently launched a quarterly OTC Innovations review called New Ideas Better Ways. Before she created OTCToolbox in 2012, Deborah spent more than two decades writing about the global OTC industry and developing new businesses. She co-founded the OTC bulletin and Generics bulletin newsletters, developed the SourceOTC and SourceGenerics business development websites, and created the OTC Marketing Awards.

Oliver Freichel Photo

Oliver Freichel

Global Vice President CHC Business Development & Strategy & Rx-to-OTC Switches

Boehringer Ingelheim Consumer Health Care

Oliver Freichel is a member of the Management Team of Boehringer Ingelheim’s global Consumer Health Care business. In 2012 he took over as Head of Consumer Health Care Department Business Development. He heads a team of various experts that is continuously looking for M&A opportunities, innovative products and technologies as well as external development opportunities to further strengthen the company’s portfolio. He is also responsible for the development of Consumer Health Care’s strategy as well as all Rx-to-OTC switch activities. He joined Boehringer Ingelheim in 2005 and held various positions in Boehringer Ingelheim Consumer Health Care before he took over his current role.

Dieno George Photo

Dieno George

Chief Executive Officer

Thornton & Ross

Dieno George is the Chief Executive Officer of Thornton & Ross Ltd, and joined the company 2001. Through a series of strategic acquisitions and organic growth, the company grew to become the largest independently owned OTC manufacturer in the UK. In 2013 T&R was acquired by STADA AG and Dieno has, along with colleagues, led a further expansion programme during which the company turnover has more than doubled.

Following the establishment at T&R of a Centre of Excellence for OTC Product development, Dieno is working with colleagues to provide innovative new OTC products for the STADA Affiliates.

Dieno holds a Masters Degree, as well as BSc Hons (1st) in Biochemistry and a BA Hons (1st) in Business Studies. He has formerly worked for major internationals such as Unilever PLC, Stafford-Miller (now part of GSK), Reckitt & Colman (now Reckitt Benckiser) and SSL International. He is also a member of the PAGB Executive Committee.

Yvan Vindeovgel Photo

Yvan Vindevogel

Founder and Chief Executive, Damier Group

Executive Chairman, Vemedia

Yvan Vindevogel is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Damier Group and the Executive Chairman of Vemedia Consumer Health. Yvan is a pharmacist and cosmetologist with a wealth of experience in consumer healthcare. He was the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Omega Pharma, Vemedia Pharma and many other consumer healthcare companies. With his investment vehicle Damier Group, Yvan is currently exploring, investing or co-investing – together with some important private-equity firms – in European companies active in the branded consumer healthcare sector, and acquiring well-established brands or innovative technologies.