Continuing Professional Development Single Subjects by Distance Learning

The individual modules which comprise the MSc are available as stand-alone units with the option to register with the University of Manchester at a later date (subject to certain conditions) to obtain a Certificate, Diploma or MSc.

The eight modules comprise:

Introduction to the Healthcare Industry

This introductory module provides an overview of the industry including units on the structure and dynamics of the industry, R&D and drug discovery and development including basic regulatory concepts. It addresses company strategies and the external factors which impact on the industry’s future. More information (PDF)

Business Development Operations

This module covers the key operational areas within business development and licensing including units on portfolio management, partnering processes, due diligence and alliance management. In addition, the module also has units on technology transfer and R&D agreements including Lambert agreements and clinical trial agreements. More information (PDF)

Finance aspects of Business Development and Licensing

This module covers basic financial concepts including company accounts and cash flow and the key tools required for financial evaluation of businesses and deals. There are also units covering financial modelling using Excel, valuation techniques (both financial and benchmark methods), sales forecasts and the management of risk. More information (PDF)

Legal aspects of Business Development and Licensing

This module covers the fundamental concepts of law as well as the key legal aspects required to support the negotiation and conclusion of all types of agreements in the healthcare industry. The unit includes all type of agreements, ranging from CDAs to supply as well as fundamental issues such as product development, marketing, performance, competition law and product liability. More information (PDF)

Negotiation and Interpersonal Skills

This module covers the development of the interpersonal skills required for successful negotiation. Particular emphasis is placed on developing negotiation and communication skills and expertise in different negotiating environments and includes organisational cultures and behaviour; national and corporate cultural issues and planning and management of negotiations. More information (PDF)

Marketing and Commercialisation

This module covers all aspects of national and international commercialisation of products and technologies. The units include, marketing strategies, market intelligence and competition pricing, co-promotion and generics. More information (PDF)

Intellectual Property Rights

This module covers all aspects of Intellectual Property including patents, know-how, trademarks, trade secrets and copyright. Concepts, regulations and processes are explained together with the licensing and exploitation of IP in the healthcare industry. More information (PDF)

Research & Development and Manufacturing

This module covers the nuts and bolts of bioscience R&D and manufacturing. Four of the 8 units of the module explain each stage of the drug development process from discovery through to clinical development. The four manufacturing units include primary, secondary and biopharmaceutical manufacturing and QA. More information (PDF)


All the PIAT BD&L modules have been written on the basis that the UK is part of the EU. In June 2016 the UK indicated an intention to leave the EU.  At the moment (July 2016) the new arrangements between the UK and the EU are not known.  Over the next two years, 2017 and 2018, the modules will be updated as more information about the new arrangements are finalised.

Each of the modules addresses the subject in significant detail and has tutorial support.  There are specialist reading materials in the PLG library, but access to the University library for more general reading requires the student to register with the University.  As for the MSC each module accounts of 15 M level credits which can form part of the MSc course.  The student can use these credits for a Certificate, Diploma or MSc qualification by registering as a student with the University of Manchester, provided no more than three modules have been purchased within 3 years.

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