PLG announce partnership with BiotechBikers

The PLG are pleased to announce our new association with BiotechBikers, a rapidly growing global community that brings together biopharma, biotech and bioscience professionals from across the world and all over our industry who share a passion for cycling. BiotechBikers are dedicated to fostering new relationships, building collaborative networks and promoting inclusion, diversity and a healthy and active lifestyle.

The driving force behind BiotechBikers are a group of seasoned and well-connected professionals representing the biotech business development and life science partnering conference planning disciplines, who are also highly motivated cyclists.

We will be highlighting relevant activities, many featuring high profile invited guests, ranging from virtual workouts to local meetups, group rides and larger events scheduled around conventions and conferences, all with the objective of connecting people and exchanging ideas.

Look out for future BiotechBikers event updates via email and our LinkedIn page.


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