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PLG Journal: Issue 24 – May 2016

PLG Journal Issue 24: May 2016

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In this issue...

Brexit: Should We Stay or Should We Go?

Helen Cline, Pinsent Masons

The EU and life science - behind the sound bites

Introduction & Emergence of Immino-oncology

Chris Sheldon, AstraZeneca

The unprecendented volume of recent deals

Financial Valuation and Deal Terms in Healthcare Business Development & Licensing

Klaus Maleck, Tetec aG and Roger Davies, Medius Associates

Key elements in negotiating a deal to ensure both sides have similar expectations

Discovery & Development

Yvonne Schlaeppi, Veronica Lopez and Mark Krueger, MK&A

Partnering with patient group-led research networks

Medius Deal Watch

Roger Davies, Medius Associates

Monthly review of the top deals by value in the healthcare sector

Moving deeper into 2016, the UK is facing an interesng summer with the forthcoming referendum in June to decide whether the UK should remain part of the European Union or separate after some 43 years of partnership. Naturally there have been strong views expressed on both sides of the political spectrum focusing on what the economic position might be post Brexit. Certainly it would be an uncertain landscape with so many changes that would impact the industry in terms of IP and regulatory to say the least. So it is no surprise that this issue includes an article from Pinsent Masons reviewing some of the key aspects of the ongoing debate. Later in the year the US presidential election may also bring some surprises that result in significant economic consequences for the pharmaceucal industry.

Other articles in this issue include the feedback from the survey undertaken at the last IPLS conference in Berlin by Roger Davies and Klaus Maleck into financial deal terms. One of the results was the sales multiple that companies are prepared to pay to acquire products. This would be of interest to the delegates at the conference on Business Development and Innovaon Opportunies in Consumer Healthcare / OTC. In the PLG News we capture the most interesting features of the presentaons from Big Pharma and smaller OTC companies. At the other end of the pharmaceucal spectrum from OTC and one of the hottest therapy areas for deals is immuno-oncology and Chris Sheldon provides an overview.


It will be interesng to see if the political uncertainty during this year has any effect on the number of licensing and acquision deals.

Sharon Finch