FIT Level 3 – Expert

Level 3 is an expert level comprising of distance learning modules equivalent to the Units of the MSc course previously run with Manchester University.

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  • FIT Expert Module 1 Business Development Operations

    CPD Module 1 covers the key operational areas within business development and licensing, with particular focus on partnering processes, due diligence and alliance management.

    £2160.00 (Members: £2040.00)

  • FIT Expert Module 2 Negotiation and Interpersonal Skills

    This CPD Module addresses the development of the interpersonal skills required for successful negotiation.

    £2160.00 (Members: £2040.00)

  • FIT Expert Module 3 Marketing and Commercialisation

    CPD Module 3 covers all aspects of national and international commercialisation of products and technologies.

    £2160.00 (Members: £2040.00)

  • FIT Expert Module 4 Finance Aspects of BD&L

    CPD Module 4 reviews the basic financial concepts including company accounts and cash flow.

    £2160.00 (Members: £2040.00)

  • FIT Expert Module 5 Intellectual Property Rights

    This CPD Module includes all aspects of Intellectual Property.

    £2160.00 (Members: £2040.00)

  • FIT Expert Module 6 Legal Aspects of BD&L

    This CPD Module addresses the fundamental concepts of law in the healthcare industry.

    £2160.00 (Members: £2040.00)

  • All Fit Expert Modules 1-6

    All 6 CPD modules can be purchased as a full expert training package.

    £12960.00 (Members: £12240.00)

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