The Dawson Scholarship

The Dawson Scholarship was created in the year 2000 to encourage young professionals to join the profession of licensing and business development in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Scholarship is awarded annually to a person who currently works either in industry, academia or technology transfer in a licensing and business development role within the healthcare arena.

If working in the industry, the applicant’s employer must be a company with less than fifty employees or have a turnover of less than two million Euros or be an academic institution.

In addition, the applicant must have less than three years experience in a business development or technology transfer role and have not attended a PLG Training Course or previously applied for the Dawson Scholarship.

The Award consists of free participation to either the PLG Introduction to Healthcare Business Development Course or credit to the same value to participate at FIT Essential or FIT Intermediate courses.

Applicants should provide a 500-word statement on the benefits they would expect to derive from completing their chosen course. This should be sent to the PLG’s Education Committee who will convene a panel to review the applications. The panel will consist of at least four members of the PLG UK Committee including either the Chairman or Vice Chairman of the Group.

Final date for applications is 8 September 2023. Entries should be marked for the attention of the Education Committee and sent to the PLG administration office via email

Training Contact

Linda Sterrett

Tel: +44 7732 194819


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