Introduction to Healthcare Business Development & Licensing

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  • Location: London
  • Dates: Wednesday 20th November to Friday 22nd November 2024
  • Price: £2196
    (Non-Members: £2496)

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Introduction to Healthcare Business Development & Licensing is a training course run over 3 days focusing on the key elements of Licensing and Business Development. The course covers 10 key topics delivered by a faculty of experienced business development practitioners in their area of expertise, providing guidance on best practice using case study material.  It also includes a hands-on example of negotiating a deal.

Comments from attendees at a recent course:

  • The speakers were so approachable and open to discussion
  • Thank you for keeping it small, it was great that it was so interactive
  • For me the course offered all the elements I was hoping for
  • Alliance management – Loved it, Keith is amazing
  • Case study – a great way to pull everything together really enjoyed it

Topics Areas

  • Overview of the Licensing Process
  • Identifying and Finding Partners
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Due Diligence
  • Financial Aspects of Licensing
  • Review and Preparation of Term Sheets (case study)
  • Different Types of Licensing Agreements
  • Optimising the Legal Agreement Structure
  • Negotiation Process and Techniques
  • Alliance Management

Over 750 BD executives have attended this course over 20 years.

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Event Schedule

Wednesday 20 November 2024

Course Introduction and Overview of the Licensing Process
Due Diligence
Identifying and Finding Partners
Case Study Round 1
Strategy and Due Diligence
Intellectual Property Rights

Thursday 21 November 2024

Different Types of Licensing Agreement
The Regulatory Environment in Licensing
Financial Aspects of Licensing
Case Study Round 2
Financial Planning

Friday 22 November 2024

Negotiation Process and Techniques
Case Study Round 3
& Round 4
Results and Feedback
Optimising Legal Agreement Structure
Alliance Management
Summary and Close

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